Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Howto convert Audiobooks to MP3 with chapters kept

Howto convert Audiobooks to MP3 with chapters kept
Howto keep chapters when converting Audiobooks to MP3, how to remove DRM from purchased Audiobooks from iTunes Store with Macsome Audiobook Converter

Kigo Video Converter Tools: How to deinterlace video to use in Flash

Kigo Video Converter Tools: How to deinterlace video to use in Flash: When you use the interleaved videos like the broadcast format or media format to make flash, you must deinterlace the videos first. With Ki...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

All products of Kigo Video Converter Now 30% OFF

Kigo Video Converter Tools: All products of Kigo Video Converter Now 30% OFF: Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, is the special time of year to remind your loved ones how much you care. And at the sam...

Friday, February 6, 2015

How to play DVD movies on your iPad Air2

With Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, you can convert these DVD movies to the video format for iPad Air2, and then transfer them to your iPad Air2.

Steps to rip DVD movies for iPad Air2

1. Set the DVD Loader settings. If Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is ready, click the Kigo Video Converter Ultimate menu and select Preferences. Switch to DVDLoader tab in the pop-up window and check on the options “Entire DVD” and “High Speed Aggressive I/O”.

2. Insert a DVD and add the DVD file. Connect a DVD device and click the Add DVD button on the Convert Video list. Select the DVD file and click the Open button to add the entire DVD file to the list efficiently.

3. Set the output format. Click to unfold the Profile drop-down list and select Apple iPad Air/mini2 as the output format in the Apple Device category.

4. Start converting. Keep the default output path and click the Convert Now button to start converting. You can find the converting progress on the Task/Pending/Converting list. After the conversion, you can get the output file from Task/History/Converted list. And you can play the DVD file on your iPad.

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can also support video converting, web video downloading, screen recording, and DVD creating. Know more via
You can drag DVD file directly to convert for different players.
Kigo Video Converter Ultimate supports AC3 pass through while converting DVD with AC3 (5.1) audio track.
Kigo Video Converter Ultimate supports 2-pass-encoding to get better video quality while converting.
Kigo Video Converter Ultimate enables deinterlace while converting interleaved video.
Kigo Video Converter Ultimate supports MP4 flat and hint.
The converted video files can be added to convert and upload to Youtube quickly.
When you stop the conversion in the pending list, the converting progress will be deleted from the list.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Howto Convert Videos from AVI to MP4, 3GP to MP4, DVD to MP4

How to convert videos from iPhone6, iPhone 6Plus, iPad Air2, iPad Mini 2, How to convert videos for Sony PS3, Samsung Note, iRiver, Xbox, and so on, How to rip kinds of DVDs to MP4, AVI or other.