Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Movie Review: San Andreas

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Earthquakes in California have always interested movie makers, from San Francisco in 1936 to Earthquake in 1974. Now comes San Andreas, which stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
What do you think of San Andreas?
I liked this movie very much. I went to cinema and saw the movie in 3D.  I might even go see it again and again, but purchased it from iTunes Store.
You can find San Andreas on iTunes Store.
You can find San Andreas on iTunes Store.
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“San Andreas” is a CG-heavy disaster movie plain and simple. If you go see it for the story or the characters you will be disappointed. The characters are likable enough (even the bad guy is merely a coward but not evil) and the plot and dialog are predictable. I found myself sometimes saying what the actors said before they said it.
However “San Andreas” has more cliffhangers per minute than any other movie I can think of. It starts off with a literal cliffhanger to introduce the main character, Ray (Dwayne Johnson). Ray is a man who knows precisely what to do in almost every deadly situation which, in the beginning of the movie, means dropping down on ropes from a hovering helicopter (which he also pilots) to rescue a young woman from a car which is hanging on a cliff. A literal cliffhanger.
The remainder of this movie is one disaster after another which shoot at you with machine-gun rapidity from which only Ray and his disaster-savvy daughter, Emma (Alexandra Daddario), her young engineer friend, Burt (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) and his bright side-kick brother, Ollie (Art Parkinson), can escape from again and again while rescuing themselves and others along the way. “San Andreas” is the movie version of the old saying, “Life favors the prepared.”
Which brings me to my major criticism of this movie. “San Andreas” is geologically WRONG. The San Andreas fault can AND WILL create major carnage in California but it cannot deliver a 9.1 earthquake, let alone a 9.6 earthquake. Furthermore the San Andreas is a “strike-slip” fault, so it moves sideways, not up and down, and so it CANNOT create a large tsunami like that depicted in the movie.
San Andreas
San Andreas
If you want to make a film about a REAL 9+ earthquake and tsunami you should make it about people living along the coast of the Pacific Northwest, anywhere from northern California up past Oregon and Washington state right up into Canada. The Cascadia Subduction Zone runs along that entire portion of the west coast of the North America. It WILL deliver an 8.8 to a 9.1 earthquake which will devastate the Pacific Northwest coast first with the BIGGEST earthquake we can have in the US and then with a tsunami equal to the 2011 Japan tsunami. The only question is when and how bad (8.8 if half of it rips or a 9.1 if all of it rips). Contrary to the movie no one has yet figured out how to say exactly when an earthquake will occur on any given fault.
If there is one actually good thing about this movie it is that it MIGHT get people to think a little more about disaster preparedness.
The San Andreas fault and the Cascadia Subduction Zone will cause DEVASTATION for which we as a nation are ill prepared. Example: Building codes consider a building to be a success if it does not collapse during an earthquake. But can the building be USED after an earthquake? Building codes are mostly silent on that. With really big earthquakes vast number of buildings will be rendered unusable (or collapse completely) resulting in loss of housing, work places, and other infrastructure thus dealing a devastating NATIONAL ECONOMIC DISASTER on top of the earthquake disaster.
I hope “San Andreas” will make people think more about being prepared, because preparedness is our only defense against earthquakes and other disasters.
It is an awe movie you can not miss.
By the way, I purchased San Andreas movie from iTunes Store.
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