Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to clip iTunes movies / videos and convert

There are all sorts of occasions you might wish to clip iTunes movies. Sometimes you may want to remove the boring opening scene about the film producers or advertising broadcast before the movie. And with the development of film and television, more and more types of titles, more and more involved in a wide range of areas. Sometimes the highlights may attract your attention to save it alone. Or you may want to keep the unique music and film credits eggs at the end.
In fact, it’s easy to clip the video. But the iTunes movies with DRM protection need to be authorized and can only be played on Apple devices. So it seems not easy to clip the DRM iTunes movies.
Maybe Kigo M4V Converter is just the helper you want to clip iTunes movies. It is a best DRM Removal and it is devoted to converting iTunes purchased videos including Movies, TV Shows and music videos. During the conversion, Kigo M4V Converter can help you clip the video with simple settings. You can also select chapter to clip the video. Here will show you how to get iTunes movies clips.
Step 1: Add iTunes movies
Click the Add Movies button and the iTunes movies you have purchased will show in the pop up window. You just need to select the movie you need to clip.

Step 2: Clip the video
Click the duration drop-down list and select Clip Video.
Then the Customize time window pops up. You can input the value to customize the Start or End time. After you click OK button to save the changes, the value will be displayed on the file.
Step 3: Start Conversion
Now you can press the Convert button to start converting iTunes movies with the default output format Same as source for mov. And Kigo M4V Converter can convert videos at 20X conversion speed.
With the Same as source for mov output format, the ac-3 surrounding audio tack and subtitles of original can be saved as source.
After converting is done, the converted file will be saved automatically in the history list. You can check the converted file in the history list. The file is without DRM protected and keeps the duration according to the clip settings. The extra segment has been removed from the movie.
Kigo M4V Converter supports a lot of output formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, MPG etc. So you can play the output files on other video players!
With the help of Kigo M4V Converter, you can choose the chapter and audio track as you like and happy to enjoy the movie.
Please visit the website to know more info about Kigo M4V Converter!

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